Swingarm Swingarm Swingarm Swingarm


ATL has developed a range of swingarms designed for swingover milking parlours.

They are simple and easy to use and ensure that clusters are not idle.

Automation for Cows Swingarms

About the ATL Swingarms

  • The ATL swingarm takes swingover milking to new levels with it's elegant and ergonomic design and high quality components.
  • Swingarms keep the pit clearer and provide a better working environment. The arm provides good cluster alignment, with shorter milk tubes, providing better milking, reduced maintenance costs and cluster drag.
  • Automation products such as cluster remover and milk meter controls are easily attached to the arm without affecting the operator. When the arm is used in conjunction with the ATL milk meter, the swingarm can automatically start the milking process by dropping the cluster and telling the system which side of the parlour it is milking on.
  • The swingarm is modular and can be built from the Intro Swingarm to the Swingarm ACR simply and easily.
  • Swingarms can be installed on new and existing parlours.

Technical Specifications:

  • 316 stainless steel tube with 316 laser cut parts
  • Integrated stainless steel milk and pulse tubes
  • Acetal ACR parts and bearings for smooth operation and long life
  • 6mm braid on braid polyester cord for longevity
  • Stainless steel trigger hook to connect onto cluster
  • Lift to start version available
  • Single or twin pulse versions
  • 760mm or 660mm centres versions